GPS :     N135423.004 – W43318

Djenné is situated in the Niger Inland Delta in the centre of Mali. It is one of the county’s foremost tourist destinations and enjoys UNESCO World Heritage status.  Djenné with its magnificent mud mosque is often described as the most beautiful town of the Sahel. It is entirely built of mud and it is  the most perfect example of the Sahel-Sudanese architectural style.

UNESCO’s description reads : Inhabited since 250 B.C., Djenné became a market centre and an important link in the trans-Saharan gold trade. In the 15th and 16th centuries, it was one of the centres for the propagation of Islam. Its traditional houses, of which nearly 2,000 have survived, are built on hillocks (toguere) as protection from the seasonal floods.

Djenné still plays an important role as a centre of Islam with its Koran schools which number about 50.

In commercial terms Djenné’s famous market, spreading out in front of the mosque on Mondays, continue to attract the farmers from the neighbouring villages with their produce, and presents a spectacle which has changed little for centuries.

The town of Djenné opens its gates and invites you to take a stroll through its ancient and unforgettable streets; to discover its architectural wonders and the charm of its arts and crafts; to take a break in one of its charming  restaurants and at the end of a day full of fascinating impressions to enjoy  the comfort of  one of its hotels and guest houses.

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