How to get to Djenné by road

Djenné is situated 567km from Bamako. The most commonly used road to Djenné is the tarmac main road between Bamako and Mopti. Djenné lies 35 km west of this road, after the Djenné Carrefour, (crossroads). It takes around 7-8 hours to reach the Djenné Carrefour from Bamako with a good private vehicle.

The short distance remaining presents a practical challenge in the form of the Bani river at 3 km from Djenné. The Bani has to be crossed with a ferry if arriving from the Bamako/Mopti road. The last ferry of the day leaves at 18.00. The first ferry of the morning leaves from 7.00. The price for the river crossing is 3000fcfa return in a 4×4 vehicle.

If arriving from Bamako by public transport, visitors need to take the first available bus out of Bamako in the morning. The Bani bus company has a bus leaving for Mopti at 7am. Tickets for the Djenné Carrefour can be bought the night before at the Bani terminal. On arrival at the Djenné Carrefour about 3pm transport can be found with a bush taxi.

There are buses Bamako –Djenné-Bamako direct, leaving from the Place de Djenné beside the Grand Mosquée in Bamako every Wednesday and Saturday. They leave Djenné for Bamako on Thursdays and Mondays. Again, it is recommended to buy the ticket the day before.

There is a tourist tax of 1000fcfa per visitor payable at the Carrefour.

There is also a bitumen road from Segou to djenné via Massina. This road is shorter, but only recommended for 4X4’s.

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