Tourism Office


Contacts : Djenné Office

Tel : (00223) 21 42 14 29
Mobile :(00223) 76 20 50 87
Email : [email protected]

The Head Office of OMATHO is in Bamako. There is a regional head quarter in each of the eight administrative regions of Mali.  The Djenné office is a local branch of the regional head quarter in Mopti.

Recommandations :

  • Contact the Office of Tourism when you arrive ;
  • Insist on seeing your guide’s professional card;
  • Do not use the services of a child. Do not distribute gifts outside of the school.
  • Before entering into any contract, seek advice with the Office of Tourism to avoid any disappointment.

Our Mission:

  • To seek out and to enhance the resources of tourism of the region.
  • To monitor that the tourism and hotel sector respect the guidelines which have been put in place.
  • To participate in the protection and the restoration of historic sites and monuments;
  • To participate in the training and good professional conduct of the operators in the private sector.
  • To be of service to  professionals operating in the tourism sector in the area.
  • To promote th tourism resources of the area on a National and International level.
  • To study and to put forward every measure possible in order to promote the development of tourism and hospitality.

Ongoing Activities and Achievements:

  • Participation in the scheme of a ‘tourism passport’ for the Mopti region.
  • Participation in an  awareness campaign directed towards the local population and the guides concerning the pillage of archaeological sites.
  • Project of recycling of plastic waste.
  • Support for a co-operative of women artisans ( recycling of plastic shoes
  • Training sessions for the tourism guides and for the hotel employees.

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